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May 7, 10 2:59 AM
   The Death Guard are the elite defenders of the Silver Flame. Bound by tradition, They serve to protect the rank and file of the order. The Death Guard is Made up mostly of Cleric, Favored Souls, and Paladin might, but all classes have seen service that take up the call of the Silver Flame.

   The Death Guard is committed to the training of all divine arts, and producing the best of the Cleric, Favored Soul and Paladin class that Eberron may see. The Guard also accepts any class that vows to fight the taint of undead wherever its foul minions may lay, and in so doing gain the powerfull might, and healing of the Death Guard.

   The Death Guard is a new up and coming guild on the Orien server.  We are accepting all players, new and veteren alike.  The Death Guard will offer regular guidance and support for all dungeons, with weekend raids through all of the more popular ones.  The Death Guard is a casually active guild, which means we are active on the weekends when most people can commit to be online.  We invite all players old enough to play this game, teens, and parents.  Expect to be treated well by Death Guard members, and we expect the same in return.




Allied Guild's

Death_Shroud, May 7, 10 2:59 AM.
Death Guard is now allied with the Ebberon Theives Guild, and Knights of Questionable Virtue.
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